Falling into old paradigms when forming groups

A contextual factor often cited when speaking about innovation is diversity. Diversity within the organizations where the innovation is expected to happen or within the teams responsible for ideation and creativity. However, creating this diversity is more difficult than said. Let me share an experience, I tecently had forming a network of top executives in Denmark.

The goal was to form a team of executives that balances gender, age, profession, and industries; while at the same ensuring an appropriate team dynamics and creativity.

The complications started to occur as it became more and more obvious that many approached top executives shared similar professional and educational backgrounds. To meet the goal my co-founder and myself had to recruit from industries, we knew little about and where less found in the business newspapers as we likely to be the source of the complications.

The parallel is likely to be case, when forming teams in companies. To avoid falling into the same problems as us, management should pay careful attention to who they appoint as responsible for setting the teams as this choice will have large impact on the diversiy of the teams.


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