Happy New Year

I wish everyone a happy new year and send my best wishes for all in 2010. This year has been a very interesting year for me and my family. We at Strategy2Tactics have just signed a letter of intent with two new clients, so I cannot wait until the forthcoming year.

Best regards

Frode Lundsten


In China, crisis is seen as an opportunity | InnovationManagement.se

Asian innovators yield higher shareholder returns

In the Chinese word for crisis ‘weiji’ (危机), ‘wei’ 危 means danger, and ‘ji’ 机 means opportunity. Crisis does not have the same meaning in China as in Western society. Chinese people believe that danger can be turned into opportunity, if one acts wisely according to under the circumstances. This mentality can be clearly seen in the way that China has tackled the global financial crisis.

Interesting article from Fei Chen, Coloplast, on her views on the differences between Chinese and Western innovation management. The article was published in InnovationManagement.se.

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EU aims to unlock the potential for innovation | InnovationManagement.se

1 December 2009 was the date when the Lisbon Treaty came into force. It is aimed at streamlining the internal decision-making process to make the EU a more democratic, efficient and transparent union. Does this mean a more prominent role in facilitating innovation?

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The cave model of innovation | InnovationManagement.se

Read a fascinating article on The Cave Model as the springboard to a greater focus on the wider world. The article was written by Per Frankelius, PhD, who is Associate Professor at Örebro University.

It is time to rethink the main drivers of innovation. The key activities for successful innovation are not just company research and participating in innovation systems.

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