Have you tried MillionBrains? It’s a powerful way to tap into collective knowledge globally

Strategy2Tactics is partners in MinAqua; a company that is patent-owner of an intelligent watering and fertilization system for plants in small scale. To quickly move from concept to global markets, we are using MillionBrains (www.millionbrains.com) to tap into global diversity and collective knowledge.

Visit MillionBrains and follow the process, even participate in perfecting the marketing, production, and sale of the patent. There is even a reward!


The underlying hypothesis behind this challenge is that plants in non-industrial environments die too early due to poor treatment, primarily too much or too little water, sunlight, or fertilizer.

The concept in brief

The underlying need
Plants and flowers are an integral part of our lives. We use the as part of the decor in our homes, offices, and open spaces. Research has shown that plants improves the interior air quality and reduces stress due to a confined space or poor air circulation.

These plants and flowers are often placed in small containers, typically a pot with a reservoir for the plant and its growing medium, and another reservoir for dispensing water through osmosis.
The care of these pots is handled manually, either by the owner (typically if in households) or outsourced to a facility management company (typically if in office or public spaces)…

[From challenge | Intelligent watering and fertilization system for plants in small scale | millionbrains.com ]


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