To all you bloggers, creative writers, authors… This post is for you.

The are times where one get pleasantly surprised over a new piece of software. Not often as most times these are just variations of known ones. My attention was drawn to an application called Omm Dana today after reading a review on TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog).

The review was fantastic – yeah right! I thought the same, but nonetheless I visit the company’s website and downloaded a free version to try it out. I have since purchased the full version…

I am not advocating the purchase of the application, merely want to tell bloggers, creative writers and other people that writes a lot to check Omm Dana out. The application is basically a very BASIC word processor, that through a clean interface and soothing sound universe helps you to hone in on the piece you are writing and develop the story. Its simple and intuitive, which is the beauty of it.

Check it out here:

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