BrainBeat + HeartBeat = MillionBrains

I just received the official press release from The Scandinavian Tourist Board announcing the results of a crowdsourcing project on how to attract more tourists to Scandinavia and the future role of the tourist board. A project that were run on the open innovation platform MillionBrains (

MillionBrains is a Danish developed open innovation platform with over 10,000 innovative specialists (“Brains”) and people (“HeartBeat”) in its participants’ database. These covers most continents and an interesting breadth of business and technical disciplines and competences.

“This open innovation approach was the first of its kind in destination marketing, according to our knowledge, and we have certainly gained some highly important learning in processing this type of challenge,” says Soren Leerskov, CEO, STB Asia, and continues to “obviously, the evaluation has been a complicated process due to the great many interesting  proposals…However, in the end the judging committee had no doubts when choosing the winner.”

The winners come from different parts of the world and they contributions were assessed on four parameters:

1)      Innovativeness,

2)      Documentation,

3)      Usefulness, and

4)      Dedication.


As an innovation aficionado I want to hear from other people that have experienced or tried a similar approach. What was your experience and results?



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