Relationship between Process and Innovation by Jeffrey Phillips

There are perhaps few more misunderstood concepts than the idea of support and enabling innovation efforts with a defined innovation process. Let me start by saying that our business exists to help create sustained innovation in larger businesses, which we believe can only happen through the definition of an innovation process. So I admit to “process” bias, but at the same time we’ve seen many firms benefit from defining an innovation process, and many firms fail without one. Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?


6 Social Media Tips from a Smart Lawyer by Shel Israel

Kevin O’Keefe was a trial lawyer for 17 years, practicing in rural Wisconsin where he grew up. In the 1990s, he started tinkering with listservs [Internet-based e-newsletters] and Internet message boards. What started as a hobby, evolved into, one of the first online communities for lawyers, where people with problems got answers to their questions.  It published as many as 150 posts by lawyers daily.

9 Web Apps for Gathering Customer Feedback

Your customers are the ones who regularly use your products or services; their input and suggestions can help you make more sound business decisions. Further, encouraging customer feedback can also lead to better business relationships and stronger customer retention.

Soliciting, accepting and organizing feedback can be a daunting task, however. Comment cards and suggestion boxes leave mountains of paper to sort through, while e-mail forms produce unorganized data that is hard to visualize and difficult to respond to in a formal manner.

The following tools are designed to help your business solicit feedback via the web and connect with your customers in more meaningful ways.

Forget About Being a Fast Follower by Jeffrey Philips

One data point is interesting, two points define a line and three points are a trend. Today in my Twitter feed were several articles and stories about the interrelationship between innovation and experiments. When you see a trend, especially one that makes sense, it’s important to call it out, discuss it and unpack it.

The 11 Leadership Styles You Must Avoid by Mike Michalowicz

Leadership is one of those things that every successful entrepreneur must have in order to succeed, but identifying what good leadership entails may not always be clear-cut for everyone. So just what kind of leadership style should you have? You can weed them out by taking a look at these 11 leadership styles that you must avoid if you want to succeed.