5 Steps To Boosting Your Company IQ by Donna Wells

After a couple of decades leading both large teams and small startups, I’ve learned more than a few universal truths about organizations. One of the most important: Your company is only as sharp as your dullest employee. Think about it; We hire and then develop folks hoping that they’ll think on their feet, come up with great ideas and make great decisions that help us accomplish brilliant things. But what are the processes and tools that can actually raise a company’s collective IQ in ways that impact business results? Here are some strategies I have learned over the years.

1. Share high-level company info company-wide

2. Develop market-intelligence dashboards for every team

3. Encourage peer-to-peer education and make it easy

4. Turn your customers into teachers

5. Don’t hire good people; hire great people

To learn more, here’s Hoffman’s recent PowerPoint and live video presentation on this topic.





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