When will the innovation fad end?

There will come a time, in the not too distant future, when executives realize that innovation isn’t a fad, but a set of tools and techniques to help increase growth and differentiation in a market that is rapidly changing. And in the immortal words of Warren Buffet, that’s when we’ll know who has been swimming without any trunks. Because the executives who consider innovation a fad will be exposed.

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Process Innovation or Product Innovation?

The fast and easy answer is “they are both important.” However, what if this is not true? Many companies have been successful by relying more on one approach than the other. We could argue that one approach is better than the other, depending on the circumstances. If so, then we need to look at the key factors that would lead one approach to be better than another. I have put the following matrix together to illustrate companies that have been successful using one or both approaches. I have also included a column for service as it has distinct differences from product innovation.

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A Future Ecosystem of Innovation Federations by Bob Hobcraft

Our whole understanding of innovation is changing; we are evaluating and changing our existing focus from closed (internal orientation) into open (external orientation) thinking for accelerating and improving our innovation performances. 

Regretful we are not yet fully equipped to manage within these new innovation ecosystems. We need to give the factors an increasing focus and lead into a better emerging theory of leading or good practice.

Can there really be an Effective Organization by John Persico

Warren Bennis once said that a leader does the right things while a manager does things right. One could extend this to mean that you must have both efficiency and effectiveness in an organization. The real question is whether or not it is possible for an organization to be both efficient and effective. Before we can answer this question we must define just what an effective organization is. Some possibilities include:

  • Profitable
  • Meets or exceeds customer expectations
  • Fulfills its mission statement
  • Creates stakeholder value
  • Rising stock prices
  • Wins quality awards
  • Has satisfied employees and managers
  • Has been around for many years

Most executives would be more than happy to have an organization that satisfies even a few of these criteria, never mind all of them. With the exception of the last criteria, there are many organizations that can satisfy most of these criteria but they will probably not be around for fifty years (the average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company).


Managers can focus on achieving these outcomes and they will be focusing on the wrong things. Let’s take the example of the Titanic sinking. Review the above set of criteria. Would any of them have predicted its striking an iceberg and rapidly sinking? For another example, look at any number of corporate bankruptcies from the W.T. Grant Company in the mid-seventies to GM in 2009 and you will find that these criteria would not have predicted their failure and bankruptcy. Granted few bankrupt companies have met all of these criteria, but even if they had, they would be looking in the wrong direction and ultimately they would have failed. The same assertion can be made for those companies that are currently on the corporate “most successful” lists today. Most of them will succumb to the same problems that spelled the death of their predecessors.

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Help spread the word

Recently Kadaver produced a viral movie for the Copenhagen based designer Dea Kudibal. The result is a beautiful production set in the center of the Danish capital.

On a sunny Wednesday 500 Kudibal scarves covered the Copenhagen sky! The scarves came flying down from the top of the historical building, Rundetårn (the Round Tower). People passing by rushed to grab as many scarves as they could! And the footage from that day is now online in a picture perfect viral movie.

See the movie here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I7Uo-qe9Ew&feature=player_embedded