The Key To Managing Gen Y

What’s the real key to managing Gen Y? Knowing more about them than they know about themselves.

After all, you know Gen Y loves the attention of being managed closely. You know Gen Y wants great mentoring. But the way to stand out in a crowd of employers is to understand Gen Y in a way they don’t yet understand themselves. Then you can add the kind of value that makes these young employees stay.

Here are things you need to know in order to do that:

1. They’re fundamentally conservative

2. They are slow moving

3. They are not entrepreneurs

4. Appearences matter more to them than what’s real.

5. They are followers

6. They need to feel special

Anyway, all generations have strengths and weaknesses. And just because Gen Y’s weakness is that they complain about being grouped as Gen Y, the bottom line is that they want personal attention from management so they can have more personal insight about themselves. This is a fair thing to want from work, and from life. In fact, if there is anything we can learn from Gen Y it is that everyone, no matter how old, should want this from their work life.

Link to the original article by Penelope Trunk:

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