How to open a dialog with the Brazilian government


Foreigners who have to get in touch with the Brazilian government have probably found themselves in a difficult situation as they do not know to exactly they must contact. Learn in this article how you can get in touch with the Brazilian ministries that may be interesting for foreign investments.


Is Amazon delivering innovation?


Braden Kelly, author and innovation speaker, wrote an article on the latest service from Amazon. If you are unable to be home, when the post arrives with your package (bought on Amazon), you can have it sent to an Amazon Locker; a facility that will hod your package until you are able to pick it up and even notify you by email, when your package arrives. The Danish Swedish postal service, Post Nord, has introduced this service two years ago, so why is the latest from Amazon an innovation? Braden Kelly has a very interesting perspective and argument to why this is more than meets the eye.

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Would Customers Walk Two Blocks to Your Restaurant?


“Sometimes the most blazing insights into strategy come at the most unexpected times. Here’s one of them. Last year I was at a gathering outside of Copenhagen and was introduced to a restaurant manager who had just returned to the city after years of overseas assignments. We began chatting and he asked what I do; I said I was writing a book on strategy. His eyes lit up and he proceeded to tell me his own business story.” This is the introduction to a blog post and to how Cynthia Montgomery got a special connection to Copenhagen, Denmark when she was writing her latest book The Strategist.